Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Winter Classic

It was about 7am by the time I finally crashed after a very exciting New Years Eve. I happen to have lost my alarm and not having any logic at that time I didn't try to find it. So I left my tv on (Twilight Zone Marathon - woot!) in hopes that it would somehow wake me up before 1. Of course, due to my "exciting" night I woke up numerous times dry heaving and regretting all of the appetizers my lil' stomach could handle. I was kind of worried I'd end up waking up at 3 in the afternoon.

BUT no... I woke up at exactly 12:49.

I crawled out of bed still aching and groggy, but excited that I hadn't missed what I've been waiting for. I threw on some shorts and my Lemieux jersey (I think it was dirty), got a cup of Apple Strudel coffee, and flipped on NBC.

I must admit that I like Buffalo - it reminds me of a larger version of my hometown. I know the fans are dedicated, especially up in Niagara area where I made a mistake once by wearing my Pens gear. So, put that together with the most gorgeous, intelligent, highly exciting fans in the NHL (Admit it Flyers fans) and you know that this Classic is really going to be classic. Or at least electric... boogy woogy woogy!

The players came out looking retro as ever (still loving Sabu's get up!). The Canadian Anthem and America the beautiful were sung before the game started. That Irish man looked like someone I know.

First Period
  • The game started and faster then I could cover myself with my blanket the Penguins scored. With an assist from Crosby - Army shot it in.

  • The ice had to be kept up with throughout the period due to the conditions. We can't afford another injury so commercial breaks are worth it.

  • An interesting one with Sabres goalie Ryan Miller came on - a "yo' momma" contest. It should have been a dance off with the pads on. It might just be me but my day would be made if a goalie just broke it down in his crease... shh I'm tired.

  • Penguins had three power play opportunities and Buffalo just one. No goals on any.

  • Pens 1-0

Second Period

  • Buffalo's Brian Campbell scores with over a minute into the period. (Connolly, Paille assists)

  • No penalties = slightly snooze fest of a period.

  • Even though I figured I'd regret it I went to get something to eat.

  • Still tied 1-1.

Third Period

  • With some nice saves from Conklin (and the goal posts) throughout the game makes me think he's not too bad. His confidence was defiantly visible through all the flurries today.

  • Sabres had a few close calls that could have finished the game.

  • Colby got called for hooking right before overtime, making it a 3 on 4.


  • Somewhat nail biting on the 3 on 4.

  • Colby comes out.

  • 4 on 4 - no scoring



  • Buffalo Kotalik went first against Conklin. Goal. 0-1
  • Christensen went wide on Miller. 0-1
  • Connolly was denied. 0-1
  • Letang got one in on Miller, of course. Shootout God. 1-1
  • Afinogenov was denied. 1-1
  • Crosby won it. 2-1

The celebration was nice - Sid with his usual face was joined by the guys who swarmed together for more then just body heat. A great ending!

Other notes about the game

So, a Classic Victory. I can deal with the sound of that...