Saturday, December 29, 2007

Countdown 2007

With the help of a dear friend here is the "best of" 2007 in the world of hockey. I must warn you it is not for the un-random hearted. Enjoy.

My Top 5 Pens Moments This Season

#5 - Malkin spoke English (not pleased about the Steeler thing...)

#4 - Kris Letang at shootouts

#3 - Sweeping Western Canada

#2 - Crosby's Gordie Howe hat trick

#1 - The Winter Classic! (hopefully!)

Top 5 Pictures of the Year
#5 - Sidney and Mario sock puppets

#4 - Sidney Crosby as the flower girl

#3 - Not Sure What To Call This...

#2 - Evgeni's Tan Line
(Credits to Empty Netters for finding this gem awhile ago - after months in my files I finally get a chance to use it)
#1 - The most disturbing picture I have ever laid eyes on...

Top 5 Things That Won't Change in 2008

#5 - Daniel Briere will still be a 14 year old.

#4 - Bob Errey will still be praising Jordan Staals, "long stick"

#3 - Brooks Orpik will still creep me out by looking like an old classmate of mine.

#2 - Martin Brodeur will forever be the Charmin Bear.
#1 - Sidney Crosby will still look like he's giving child birth in "on-ice" pictures.
"Why did you do this to me!?"

Top 3 Insults of 2007

#3 - Well... we all know the Colby joke. It was brought up numerous times amongst friends this year.

#2 - After being compared to a Seal... This picture claims to be Mario skinny dipping in the Allegheny River.

#1 - Sidney Crosby being called a "Pecker Whistle". It was a complete "WTF" comment from my anti-crosby (boo!) friend that has now become a classic and her permanent nickname.

Pecker Whistle... oh man.
Well, I hope yinz have a SAFE, happy, and a great new year! Remember don't drink and drive... or we'll send Sean Avery and Chris Simon to your house for 3 months!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all have a great holiday full of laughter and cheer! May all of your Christmas wishes come true (like wishing Sidney Crosby will show up at your door with a dozen white roses)!

Also want to wish my Canadian friends a Happy Boxing Day!

Take care and be safe,


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quick Update

Thanks to everyone wishing me well - I really appreciate it! It's feeling a heck of a lot better now... just done some last minute Christmas wrapping again.

Working on a "Top 10" random list of weird things about the NHL pointed out by a friend and I. It probably won't make sense seeing that we enjoy pointing out and saying weird things at 4 am, we never make sense, and well we're just ... odd.

So, thanks again for your kind words! Hope you're all well and enjoying a lovely Holiday Season!

Oh, and to make things even with my friend because I tortured her last night here.....

Man, this is only staying up for 5 days I swear. Haha!

And yes I am die-hard Pirates fan wearing a Boston hat. At least Ryan Whitney will be happy...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Slight Delay On My Part...

Well, I decided to go skating today. Three main highlights:

1.) The ice was bad.
2.) Breaking in new Easton's.
3.) I hurt myself.

I hit a bad spot and went flying, landing on my wrist and boo-tay. I didn't cry! Although I felt like I was body checked by Big Georges! And seeing that I'm "fragile betty" I went to the ER to get checked. Turns out the wrist is not broken, but it's a pretty bad sprain...

So, I will be keeping it easy on my hockey blogging. Only coming to update you with some painkillers in my system. Sorry to the few friends who actually read this - I love yinz!

Time to rest, ice, rest, ice, wear this SEXY huge wrist brace, rest, etc.

It's all good though - I can relax and read the genius hockey bloggers over at Empty Netters (don't sprain your wrist guys - you'll leave me and many Pens fans thirsty for news).

Take Care and Happy Holidays!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pens vs Islanders

Pens travel to the land of Hilary Duff's boyfriend.

First Period:
  • Seriously, are they blasting Fall Out Boy? Sugar, YOU'RE going down. Lame...
  • Sabu in the net.
  • Crosby finally scores after his on going attempts lately (Kennedy assist). Pens up 1-0
  • Paul Steigerwald accidentally says Satan was with the Devils due to his last name. I must say I am SO completely jealous of Satan. His Slovakian last name is 666% more awesome than mine. Oh well, he's Slovak - gotta love my people.
  • Ryan Whitney scores with a wrist shot (Orpik, Kennedy assist). Pens 2-0
  • Conner James was brought up from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.
  • Gary Roberts without a care that he is smaller in size (FSN got that point out) than NYI's Andy Sutton got at it.

End of 1st Pens 2-0

1st Intermission:

  • A video was shown of Rob Scuderi who grew up on the Island. He also likes Spider-man more than batman.

Second Period:

  • I fell asleep again... I can't help it I was exhausted.
  • I heard a horn blaring and seeing that semi trucks can't go up my street - Islanders scored. PPG Park (Guerin, Duff's Main Squeeze assists) 2-1
  • Crosby drew yet another penalty. I believe it was his 37th?
  • Vasicek scored for Islanders (Satan, Bergenheim assists) 2-2
  • Beautiful assist by Staal lets Tyler Kennedy bank one in (Letang also assisted) Pens go up 3-2

Third Period:

  • No scoring, no scoring, no scoring...
  • Chris Simon the most kind, loving, team player you'd ever meet (just ask Ryan Hollweg) decided to be generous this Christmas season by stomping on Jarkko Ruutu's leg. Friggin' idiot.
  • Islanders kill the 5 minute penalty - no scoring. Pens win it 3-2

Other Penguins Stuff:

  • I watched Inside Penguins Hockey while wrapping the last of the Christmas presents (thank gawd I am the WORST Christmas wrapper next to Gus on the new PA lottery commercial *cringes*) and Sykora's hair at then end cracked me up. I love him in the "I just got shocked" look - too cute.
  • Why is it that Crosby looks like he's going through child birth in every on ice picture of him?
  • That was a bad mental image.

Steelhounds News:

  • To my absolute, amazing, GREAT luck the African Penguin appearance this weekend at the Chevy Centre was cancelled due to the weather. For my never ending love of penguins I have another chance to see it.
  • Already knowing that the Hounds are great guys they prove themselves again by serving meals this Wednesday at the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley. Head Coach Kevin Kaminski will also join part this 19th.
  • Wednesdays game against the Texas Brahmas was a 4-2 win for the Hounds.
  • They fell 4-3 against them on Friday, but repaid themselves with an exciting 5-2 win on Saturday.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Random Hockey Point Out Of The Week

A weekly spot to express my inner thoughts and to point out random things that me and a friend notice at 5 in the morning...

Look-A-Like of the Week

Martin Brodeur and the Charmin Bear. "Cha Cha Cha!!"

Pens vs Canucks

Hello, Goodbye western Canada! Pens went on to sweep all 3 cities.

First Period:
  • Pens get a 4 minute penalty from Mitchell (high stick, double minor)

  • Canucks do a good job of killing it. Boo!

  • Nucks get their first Power Play of the night - Talbot sent to the box for hooking.

  • Hehehe... Swedish twins.
  • Pens go on da power play (Pyatt - hooking)
  • Sid gets knocked down - Malkin gets penalty while trying to defend him. Nucks on power play.
  • Dude... I was flipping through the channels and Good Burger was on. Childhood favorite or Pens game? "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?"
  • Flipping back I see a shot of goaltender Ty Conklin eating on the bench. Mmm... why hello Mr. Conklin you made me feel like a school girl.
  • Bob Errey mentions the Luongo bathroom story, and how the canuck at the time Sabourin filled in for him.
  • Canucks go on power play (Eaton - hooking)
  • With 1:41 left Petr Sykora scores a beauty (malkin-geoorrrrges assists)

Pens lead 1-0

First Intermission:

  • FSN's Potash interviews Sykora. Is it me or did Petr slightly resemble My Name is Earl's Jason Lee.
  • They did a segment on Jarkko Ruutu's song. They mentioned that Sidney didn't have one... BUT he does. "He's my Sidney Pie...We forgot to lock the door, In walks his coachy Standin' six foot four, He said you ain't gonna puck with my player no more..."
  • Don't ask me - my anti-crosby friend wrote it as a joke.

Second Period:

  • I had to make a trip out into the Christmas time craziness with all the midnight sales and Saturday night bar rushes. I attempted to find the game on the radio, but no luck finding anything up here.
  • Came home to the 2nd Intermission Update and saw it was still 1-0 Penguins. Saw a few amazing saves by Sabu and Roberto.

Third Period:

  • Canucks Ryan Kesler scores making it 1-1. Assists - Burrows, Mitchell
  • Penguins almost had a goal when the shot hit the goal post looking as if it bounced back and went over the line but did not.
  • Talbot's ankle seems to still be giving him trouble.
  • After an intense end of period the game goes into overtime.


  • Sid gets knocked down causing a penalty shot. Pens could have wrapped it up, but Sid was denied.
  • This is one of the best games pace wise I've seen all season. It was great to see the Western Canadian teams, and the players seemed to love it as well.
  • No goals - go to shootout.


  • Kesler takes it for Canucks - save by Sabu, Erik gets one in for the Pens
  • Both Morrison and Sykora's are denied
  • Linden scores - Crosby's saved
  • Pyatt and Ruutu denied
  • Dany does a good poke check save on Naslund, Malkin's denied
  • D. Sedin denied.
  • Then... the beautiful rookie wins it again. Letang is on a roll - you can just see the confidence gleaming off of him.

They celebrated like a bunch of boy scouts who started a fire with twigs. Beautiful.

Steelhound Highlights:

  • Hounds got hammered during their last game against the Mudbugs. Mississippi's Aaron Davis scored a hat trick with one goal in the 1st, and two in the 2nd. Final score 5-1.
  • Hounds still on top in the Northeast Division with 31 points.
  • Next game is at home on December 12th against the Brahmas.
  • The team will be out at the Warren Public Skating Rink on Weds. from 6-8pm. They will be taking part of a cookie contest... more info here.
  • The future of the hounds in the CHL (central hockey league) is uncertain for the next season. Talks between the Steelhounds Herb Washington and Mahoning Valley Phantoms (USHL) Bruce Zoldan about working together to find a solution are happening. More on this here.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Pens VS. Coyotes

First off, when Bob Errey starts off by saying "stinker" you know its going to be a good time.

First Period Highlights:

  • Wayne Gretzky looks very handsome tonight. No worries Mario... awww
  • First fight starts with Army and Ballard after a big hit took Colby down.
  • 1st power play for the Pens - no score
  • Powerball is $20 Million... woot woot!
  • Errey calls Coyotes goalie a "Russian tank" - due to his size.
  • Ballard and Army nag at each other again. This is an all night affair.
  • 2nd Pens power play - no score again.
  • Brooks Orpik is identical to this kid I used to go to school with and every time they show him I get kinda... freaked out.
  • Mad Max (Laraque assist) finally scores with 35.9 seconds to go. Pens on top 1-0.

Second Period Highlights:

  • Somewhat slooow second period...
  • Colby finally got jumped on after the back and forth squabbing with Ballard. Sid joins in to help him... but it's all good in the hood.
  • Staal gets a double minor (hooking - tripping) 4 mins.
  • Times up - no scoring - Staal penalty to be continued...

Third Period Highlights:

  • Staal penalty continues.
  • Shane Doan scores (Reinprecht, Morris) on power play. 1-1
  • Malone crashes into the... DUN DUN DAH rrrrrrussian tank!!
  • Kris Letang (Crosby, Malkin) scores on the power play. His first goal of the season... Pens 2-1
  • Tyler Kennedy snaps one in (Staal, Robert assists) making it 3-1.
  • Empty net - Fleury tries twice to shoot one in but his thunder is stolen. Finally gets his chance... time runs out and no luck. Poor Fleury.

Pens win it 3-1.

Other updates:

  • During this weeks Inside Penguins Hockey on FSN we hear the correct way to say Georges name. His first name is pronounced "Jaaahorge" like the old lady's lawyer on Aristocats. It was the best way to describe it...
  • Paul Steigerwald should have taken up Georges' offer on getting his hair done like his. One word: Delicious. No seriously, that would rock.
  • Ryan Malone and George seem like an awesome guys. Their personalities feed off each other well... I smell talk show in the future.
  • Update on Angelo Esposito - He's invited to the Canadian Junior Camp. He looks like he just woke up from a month's worth of sleep... oh well he's cute enough to pull it off.
  • Evgeni Malkin is slowly learning English like I'm slowly learning Russian. Minus enjoying the Steelers he's a good kid... he likes sushi.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And the Worst Hockey Blogger Award Goes To...


I am so horrible at updating, but at least I have honest excuses. For the past week I've been battling the worst cold I've had in a long time. Bleh.

Thank goodness it's in the final stages ... and you know which stage I'm talking about. If you don't just ask Roberto Luongo...


Penguins Headlines:

  • The Pens had a little vacation time after Saturday's 5-0 win against the Thrashers. The next game will be Friday @ 7:30 against the Dallas Stars.

  • The Penguins held the Make-A-Wish Lunch/Practice on Tuesday.

  • Someone needs to buy Kris Letang some HeadOn for Christmas.

"Apply directly to the forehead!"
  • Jordan Staal knows about his sod.
  • I watched the brief interview with Ryan Malone on FSN's Sportsbeat tonight. First off I am glad that I'm not suffering alone... Stan Savran looks like he's getting a pretty bad cold. Second, young Ryan Malone was "banging on pots and pans" to celebrate the Pens Stanley Cup win. Oh, the early 90's. To think I celebrated by being born...
  • Two "In My Own Words" episodes will be premiering on FSN this December 5th and 6th. They will be featuring Jack Riley and Eddie Johnston.

Steelhounds Headlines

  • Steelhounds goalie Andy Franck was called up to AHL's Providence Bruins.
  • This weekend was the first Home Games for the Hounds (unfortunately I was coughing my lungs out and couldn't attend). Friday's game was a 4-3 win against the Mudbugs and Saturday's came to be a 4-2 loss.
  • Forward Erik Johnson has been traded to the New Mexico Scorpions.
  • The Steelhounds welcome back Czech Republic native Petr Pohl who was recently playing for Syracuse (AHL).
  • Next game is taking on the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs on their turf...err ice - Nov. 30 @ 8:05. You can listen along online by clicking the "Listen Live Now" button on the Steelhounds website.
  • I don't care what my friend says... Joel Irving is cool because he has a soul patch.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Bah Bah Bah. Good times never seemed so... bad.

Lost 2-4 Against the Rangers last night.

Penguins Highlights:

1st Period...

  • Fluery took the net, Whitney still out with his groin, and Colby is back in the line-up.

  • The hotdog advertisement under the visitors bench was a nice touch.

  • Gomez scored the first point of the game for the Rangers.

  • Michel Therrien gives Sean Avery a death stare... for some reason I found it attractive. Oh no!

  • Gonchar scored the first goal of the game for the Pens.

  • Michal Rozisval scored 2nd goal for Rangers.

2nd Period...

  • I heard Bon Jovi in the background. That is SO not a good way to start the period...

  • Sean "big mouth and a few more selective words" Avery gets a goal.

3rd Period...

  • Bob Errey caught Jagr talking to his stick for awhile. *wheezy laughs*
  • Hey, I guess it does help him.
  • Mary-O is at the game... looking nice! Wink Wink
  • Bradon Dubinsky scored.
  • Marc Recchi scored on the poweplay... he really reminds me of Mel Gibson.

Well, another loss.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm way behind...

I've been busy lately so please excuse the delay and short recaps...

Penguin Headlines:

  • Penguin's beat Carolina 4-3 on Friday night.

  • Beat Capitals 2-1 on Saturday night. Wooot! Jordan Staal got in a fight!

  • Did Bob Errey on FSN say, "nose in butt?" Hopefully not Colby's.

  • Why am I obsessed with the "Penguins Fans First" commercials?

  • Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness Night is on Tuesday.

  • Andy Samberg ... uh I mean Sidney Crosby is the current point leader for the Pens.

Hounds Headlines:
  • I went to the exhibition game against the Cincinnati Cyclones with a friend, and it was disappointing. Lost 1-4. Oh well, I got to embarrass the crap out of myself and my friend (SORRY!). I really didn't mean to call them sexy when they we're walking into the locker room... I just got excited. I did manage to get some fun pictures so I will get them up here soon. For some reason #15 for the Cyclones ended up in almost everyone of my pics...
  • Chevy Centre overcooks their pretzels.
  • Their bathrooms are super clean! Score for paper seat covers!
  • The Hounds defeated the Oklahoma City Blazers 4-2 on Friday.
  • They also beat the M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I Riverkings on Saturday, 4-3

Friday, October 5, 2007

Penguins vs. Hurricanes

Final 1-4.

Slightly disappointing loss tonight. Personally, I felt it was a bit... lacking energy? It was our first big game of the season, and with Carolina playing already they did have the advantage ... so no big worries from me. Let's hope tomorrow will bring better hope!

Penguin Headlines
  • Apparently, good hockey players come from sod farms. Or so I've heard numerous times today.

  • Today was Mario Lemieux's birthday... many wishes to him!

  • What's with Talbot's sexy beard? I love it.

  • Tomorrow's is Vs. Ducks @ 7:30


I think Sidney has a red-headed brother who stars in random music videos. Or maybe this was just a night in at Mario's? (Thanks to my friend for finding this, without you I'd be bored and studying physics for the fun of it!)

Steelhound News:

  • My brother from another Slovakian mother, Milan Maslonka returns to the Hounds.
  • Both ECHL exhibition games start next week (Johnstown Chiefs on 10th and Cincy Cyclones on 12th)
  • CHL has announced that fans can now watch games live online and for FREE during the 2007-2008 season. More info can be found here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Say What?

It's January 1st, 2008. The People of Buffalo are filling into the Ralph Wilson Stadium to watch great plays, nice passes, and their favorite players...

Like Sidney Crosby.

Say What?

Yes, it's official.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will be playing the Buffalo Sabres on New Years Day. Nothing like watching hockey's best turn purple for the love of the game. Sorry Sid.

  • Before moving on I'd like to wish Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett a healthy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family - may he heal quickly.

Other Guin News:

  • So far Crosby and Armstrong are tied in the mullet race poll.
  • Canadiens win 3-2 over Penguins on tonight's game.

Hounds Watch:

  • Season 3 for the Youngstown Steelhounds is on it's way. The first home game of the season will be against the ECHL Cincinnati Cyclones on Friday, October 12th at 7:05 pm.
  • Is Dallas Anderson returning?

Oh! My Ravens won yesterday 20-13, but this is a hockey blog and I doubt you care. Plus, stating that I really can't stand the Steelers on a "Steel Town" inspired blog would be pretty bad. Oops... did I just?

Hey but I love The Bus!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Why Hello!

Welcome People.

I'm quite new to the whole "sports blogging" so let me begin to explain my purpose. Like the brief description says in the right hand corner, I am a somewhat Yinzer who enjoys her Penguins and Steelhounds. I decided to create a place where I can use my random humor and love of hockey to try and entertain others. Yes, I am crossing my fingers I hope to succeed. If not, oh well.

I can still make fun of the Ducks.

From that note, I bid this very brief "the pirates are on so I'm not paying attention to anything but Jose Bautista right now" introduction farewell. I hope to get this blog rolling soon, so stay tuned!