Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pens vs Canucks

Hello, Goodbye western Canada! Pens went on to sweep all 3 cities.

First Period:
  • Pens get a 4 minute penalty from Mitchell (high stick, double minor)

  • Canucks do a good job of killing it. Boo!

  • Nucks get their first Power Play of the night - Talbot sent to the box for hooking.

  • Hehehe... Swedish twins.
  • Pens go on da power play (Pyatt - hooking)
  • Sid gets knocked down - Malkin gets penalty while trying to defend him. Nucks on power play.
  • Dude... I was flipping through the channels and Good Burger was on. Childhood favorite or Pens game? "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?"
  • Flipping back I see a shot of goaltender Ty Conklin eating on the bench. Mmm... why hello Mr. Conklin you made me feel like a school girl.
  • Bob Errey mentions the Luongo bathroom story, and how the canuck at the time Sabourin filled in for him.
  • Canucks go on power play (Eaton - hooking)
  • With 1:41 left Petr Sykora scores a beauty (malkin-geoorrrrges assists)

Pens lead 1-0

First Intermission:

  • FSN's Potash interviews Sykora. Is it me or did Petr slightly resemble My Name is Earl's Jason Lee.
  • They did a segment on Jarkko Ruutu's song. They mentioned that Sidney didn't have one... BUT he does. "He's my Sidney Pie...We forgot to lock the door, In walks his coachy Standin' six foot four, He said you ain't gonna puck with my player no more..."
  • Don't ask me - my anti-crosby friend wrote it as a joke.

Second Period:

  • I had to make a trip out into the Christmas time craziness with all the midnight sales and Saturday night bar rushes. I attempted to find the game on the radio, but no luck finding anything up here.
  • Came home to the 2nd Intermission Update and saw it was still 1-0 Penguins. Saw a few amazing saves by Sabu and Roberto.

Third Period:

  • Canucks Ryan Kesler scores making it 1-1. Assists - Burrows, Mitchell
  • Penguins almost had a goal when the shot hit the goal post looking as if it bounced back and went over the line but did not.
  • Talbot's ankle seems to still be giving him trouble.
  • After an intense end of period the game goes into overtime.


  • Sid gets knocked down causing a penalty shot. Pens could have wrapped it up, but Sid was denied.
  • This is one of the best games pace wise I've seen all season. It was great to see the Western Canadian teams, and the players seemed to love it as well.
  • No goals - go to shootout.


  • Kesler takes it for Canucks - save by Sabu, Erik gets one in for the Pens
  • Both Morrison and Sykora's are denied
  • Linden scores - Crosby's saved
  • Pyatt and Ruutu denied
  • Dany does a good poke check save on Naslund, Malkin's denied
  • D. Sedin denied.
  • Then... the beautiful rookie wins it again. Letang is on a roll - you can just see the confidence gleaming off of him.

They celebrated like a bunch of boy scouts who started a fire with twigs. Beautiful.

Steelhound Highlights:

  • Hounds got hammered during their last game against the Mudbugs. Mississippi's Aaron Davis scored a hat trick with one goal in the 1st, and two in the 2nd. Final score 5-1.
  • Hounds still on top in the Northeast Division with 31 points.
  • Next game is at home on December 12th against the Brahmas.
  • The team will be out at the Warren Public Skating Rink on Weds. from 6-8pm. They will be taking part of a cookie contest... more info here.
  • The future of the hounds in the CHL (central hockey league) is uncertain for the next season. Talks between the Steelhounds Herb Washington and Mahoning Valley Phantoms (USHL) Bruce Zoldan about working together to find a solution are happening. More on this here.

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