Monday, December 3, 2007

Pens VS. Coyotes

First off, when Bob Errey starts off by saying "stinker" you know its going to be a good time.

First Period Highlights:

  • Wayne Gretzky looks very handsome tonight. No worries Mario... awww
  • First fight starts with Army and Ballard after a big hit took Colby down.
  • 1st power play for the Pens - no score
  • Powerball is $20 Million... woot woot!
  • Errey calls Coyotes goalie a "Russian tank" - due to his size.
  • Ballard and Army nag at each other again. This is an all night affair.
  • 2nd Pens power play - no score again.
  • Brooks Orpik is identical to this kid I used to go to school with and every time they show him I get kinda... freaked out.
  • Mad Max (Laraque assist) finally scores with 35.9 seconds to go. Pens on top 1-0.

Second Period Highlights:

  • Somewhat slooow second period...
  • Colby finally got jumped on after the back and forth squabbing with Ballard. Sid joins in to help him... but it's all good in the hood.
  • Staal gets a double minor (hooking - tripping) 4 mins.
  • Times up - no scoring - Staal penalty to be continued...

Third Period Highlights:

  • Staal penalty continues.
  • Shane Doan scores (Reinprecht, Morris) on power play. 1-1
  • Malone crashes into the... DUN DUN DAH rrrrrrussian tank!!
  • Kris Letang (Crosby, Malkin) scores on the power play. His first goal of the season... Pens 2-1
  • Tyler Kennedy snaps one in (Staal, Robert assists) making it 3-1.
  • Empty net - Fleury tries twice to shoot one in but his thunder is stolen. Finally gets his chance... time runs out and no luck. Poor Fleury.

Pens win it 3-1.

Other updates:

  • During this weeks Inside Penguins Hockey on FSN we hear the correct way to say Georges name. His first name is pronounced "Jaaahorge" like the old lady's lawyer on Aristocats. It was the best way to describe it...
  • Paul Steigerwald should have taken up Georges' offer on getting his hair done like his. One word: Delicious. No seriously, that would rock.
  • Ryan Malone and George seem like an awesome guys. Their personalities feed off each other well... I smell talk show in the future.
  • Update on Angelo Esposito - He's invited to the Canadian Junior Camp. He looks like he just woke up from a month's worth of sleep... oh well he's cute enough to pull it off.
  • Evgeni Malkin is slowly learning English like I'm slowly learning Russian. Minus enjoying the Steelers he's a good kid... he likes sushi.

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